• Aeration what, why and when

    Aeration is the process of punching small holes in the lawn while removing small plugs every few inches.  It is beneficial to your lawn and helps promote a thicker, healthier lawn because it immediately allows water, air, fertilizer & other nutrients to reach the grass roots easier and more effectively.

    It also loosens compacted soil allowing the grass roots more room to grow, removes excess thatch, and improves drainage.  It is best to leave the plugs on your lawn to break down and return nutrients to the lawn.

    Aeration is extremely beneficial to your lawn and is vital to a good lawn maintenance plan along with proper cultural practices.  As a general rule of thumb we recommend aerating your lawn once per year in the spring or fall.  Of course it depends on how compacted your soil is, some lawns may need multiple aeration per year at first.

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