• Welcome to D&J YARDWORKS blog! We will talk about things like Winnipeg lawn care and how to make your grass healthier and looking good by giving you great tips and advice, discussing some common lawn care practices, why they are beneficial, and so much more!

    Spring is here! Well kinda and Winnipeggers are wondering what they can do to make their lawns healthier and looking good. Well to make a long story short, there is no magic potion or one time quick fix to get a lush, green, healthy lawn.

    There are many factors that contribute to how healthy your lawn is. Grass is a living organism and has certain basic needs to grow such as air, water, sunlight, nutrients and healthy soil. Besides the basic needs other factors that contribute to the health of your lawn is proper cultural and maintenance practices. Check back soon for some great tips and advice for your lawn, and so much more!